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About the Course

Welcome, flower enthusiasts and aspiring psychics!

Flower reading is a helpful and useful tool to enhance your Psychic abilities for yourself or others.

Monday May 13th at 5:30 p.m. at my office location. 5 East Main Street Earlville NY

Please call or text me to register for this class, space is limited.


Price is $30 (cash or check) Class materials included.

In this class we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery through the language of flowers. Get ready to tap into your intuition and unlock the hidden messages whispered by these vibrant beauties.

This workshop is a playful exploration of flower reading, an intuitive practice where flowers act as guides and give information needed on your journey.

Get ready to tap into your inner wisdom with a vibrant mix of activities and flower magic!

The Secret Language of flowers: Dive into the fascinating world of flower symbolism. We'll explore the meanings behind different colors, shapes, and even historical lore associated with various blooms.

Engage in a guided meditation to gently awaken your inner voice and intuition. It'll prepare you to receive messages from the flowers and meet Your Floral Guides.

Get acquainted with a selection of beautiful fresh flowers. We'll discuss the unique energy each flower brings and hand out for easy reference.

Unlocking Messages: Based on the chosen flowers and their meanings, you'll interpret the messages they hold for your life. Is it a nudge towards a new path?

A reminder to nurture a relationship?

Let your intuition flow!

Journaling for Growth: Take some time to reflect and journal about the insights you received.

Flower Power Q&A: Open forum to discuss your experiences and ask any lingering questions.

Blooming Onward: Leave the class with a newfound appreciation for the language of flowers and a heart open to receiving intuitive guidance on your life's journey.

See you in class!

Judy Lynn

Remember to register for class by calling or texting me at 607-316-3260

Your Instructor

Judy Lynn

Judy Lynn
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