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About the Course

Unveiling the Whispers Within: A Journey through Pendulum Dowsing

in this 1 1/2 hour class on Friday March 1st at 7 p.m. EST. on Zoom. As always, a Q & A after class.

Do you ever yearn to hear the whispers of your soul, to tap into the wellspring of wisdom within? In this mystical class, we unveil the ancient art of pendulum dowsing, a potent tool for connecting with your intuition and receiving guidance from your higher self.

Embark on a journey where:

You'll trace the history and symbolism of the pendulum, a timeless instrument used by oracles and seekers of truth for millennia.

You'll explore the diverse realm of pendulums, discovering crystals, gemstones, and enchanted materials that sing to your unique spirit. We'll guide you to choose the perfect pendulum, a companion ready to resonate with your inner compass.

You'll delve into the sacred art of cleansing and consecration, preparing your pendulum to become a channel for pure guidance.

Master the art of asking questions, crafting queries that unlock the doors to your intuition's treasure trove. Learn to interpret the pendulum's responses, its gentle swings weaving tales of clarity and direction.

Unleash the power of decision-making with your newfound dowsing companion and charts. Let the pendulum dance between options, revealing the path that aligns with your soul's song.

Experience the transformative energy of clearing, utilizing your pendulum to dispel negativity and invite harmonious vibrations into your life.

This class is a call to anyone:

Seeking to awaken their intuition and tap into their inner wisdom.

Yearning for clarity and guidance in navigating life's crossroads.

Drawn to the enchanting world of mystical tools and ancient practices.

No prior experience is required, only an open mind and a yearning to connect with the whispers within. Come, join me and others on this mystical journey, and let the pendulum become your key to unlocking a world of profound self-discovery.

Prepare to awaken your intuition, embrace clarity, and rewrite your story, one gentle swing at a time.

A zoom link for class will be emailed after payment is received. You need to commit to the day, time, subject and price. No Refunds.

An Energy Exchange of $35. Register:

Please provide your current and correct email so charts and zoom link can be sent.

This is not recorded.

Please bring your Pendulum and note pad to class along with your fun, exciting and positive energy.

Thank You, Judy Lynn

Your Instructor

Judy Lynn

Judy Lynn is a well-respected psychic medium and spiritual advisor with a wealth of experience. She is a founding member of the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY, and an Authorized Psychic Medium, Certified Healer, and Teacher with ISD. She has also studied and trained in Lily Dale NY with many amazing Teachers over several years.

Judy's readings are lighthearted and organic, and she takes a soul-to-soul approach to connecting with the spirit world. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others to gain understanding and healing. She has been studying and practicing mediumship for over 30 years, and her readings are known for being accurate, insightful, and healing.

Judy Lynn
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