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Below are the  Readers, Healers and Vendors who will be at this event.
If you would like to pre-book, you can contact the Practitioners directly

Amara’s Apothecary

Amara’s Apothecary take great pride in producing quality herbal products such as tinctures, body butters, salves, balms and more. Our heart and soul go into every product. Each item is made very specifically to meet a variety of issues.


Marisa Love incorporates her own playful outlook on life into her readings and private self-development courses. Be it Mediumship, Psychic Sessions, Animal Communication, or one of her unique Channeled Poetry and Prose Readings, you can count on her to gently weave a little extra fun into your time together! Marisa's strong connection to the Natural World serves as her inspiration, and her mission is to always find ways to shine more light on the magic that is available to us all, when we believe.
You can find more about Marisa and her services on her website, at


Autumn is a Medium & Psychic a true Empath, Spiritual advisor, Health Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Healing Touch Practitioner & Educational Guide.

As a true Empath, Autumn is gifted in many areas of spirit communication open to vibrational energy providing Autumn a doorway.

Sessions via Zoom, Phone, In Person, Psychic Parties, Corporate Events.

Allow Autumn's gift to be your gift of spiritual insight. Call - 518-209-6486


Spiritual Creations

Maryellen will be offering Angel Card Readings for Life Guidance. Her personal journey for healing and love has led her to assist others in
finding the same guidance and healing for themselves. She has certifications in Reiki; work with sound frequencies for healing; am a
creative artist and a Certified Angel Card Reader.


Dick Buchanan, numerology & psychic readings

Dick is a long time practicing psychic/medium from Newfield, NY Dick will do psychic readings combined with numerology in combination with reading your aura.


Tarot Medea

Melissa reads tarot cards across paradigms, including Lenormand cards. She enjoys reading at psychic fairs and for her clients in her private practice. Her intuitive messaging interfaces with her background in sociology and social psychology.


Net of Love's mission is...Divinely co-creating a multidimensional network of love for self and the collective consciousness of humanity and beyond.  The higher dimensional ultralight frequencies that come through Amanda for the client’s highest and greatest good can often be a catalyst for empowerment to make positive changes for greater health and wellness. Amanda is trained in ancient alchemy and the energies flow through her to her clients to support ascension and resonance with divine love. She also does Sacred Soul Sessions individually and in groups to assist her clients with cognitive integration of the energies for the journey of ascending out of lower thought form. This includes direct source connection to higher self, mindful self awareness and integration of daily practices to support ascension. As within so without. As we shift the inner the outer shifts quite magically. 


Melodic Messages Tarot

Sara will be offering Tarot Readings outside under the Pavilion. 


Creating Sacred Space & Bio Energy Sessions

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Doterra Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Jasmine Moon Wellness was created by two lifelong friends Kelly Cross and Linda Brooks who have spent the past twenty plus years learning about many aspects of wellness, healing and spiritual practices together.  We aim to educate and empower others to help them improve their emotional and physical well being by offering top quality wellness items, services,  and ongoing wellness education to support customers on their health and wellness journey. Today we bring you our hand made beautiful high vibrational crystal healing bracelets. These bracelets are made with AAA+ quality crystals that carry a high healing frequency, made with a strong elastic cord, not string, and all are blessed on our altar with positive healing intentions for the wearer. Our crystal bracelets are just one of the tools that we offer to help you bring emotional and physical balance and healing to your everyday life. Jasmine Moon Wellness is located in Norwich and offers several alternative and natural healing modalities. Call us for more information 607-316-6594


Susan will be offering Prayer Flags, Crystals, Tapestries, Witch balls, incense, books, tarot cards, pendulums, crystal wraps & Jewelry and more. Make it a point to stop in and take a look at everything she will bring to the fair.


My name is Renee Ranke, and I am a psychic medium, channel, intuitive teacher, and spiritual healer. I am also an ordained metaphysical minister and sanctioned healer with the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY.

In my ongoing search for metaphysical knowledge, I have studied with various teachers through ISD Oneonta, Lily Dale, NY, Omega Institute, and Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. My passion is helping others discover ways to align their physical world with the beauty and grace of their spiritual self. Finding, embracing, and developing your own unique divine connection can bring peace and calm in the midst of life’s inevitable storms.

If you are just beginning a spiritual journey or are an established spiritual ‘warrior’ looking for ways to strengthen your connection, I would really like to help.


Email -


Hand Connections

Everything you are is recorded in your hands. Uncover the unique magic that is you and your
mission on Earth. I am Marie Inglee, an intuitive certified hand analyst through the IIHA. I have
spent decades showing people their potential for a life of greater opportunity, focus, and joy,
especially during and after hard times. Let’s schedule a session where we uncover at least one
hidden or unused gifts and talents that would make your life more fulfilling!  

Email -

Phone - 607-316-7563

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The Mossy Burrow

Cathy offer's a unique psychic experience that combines any or all of the tools at her disposal, to give you the best possible, most detailed outcome. Cathy will be offering Psychic Mediumship, Tarot readings and Channeled messages


I am Linda J. a psychic, evidential medium, intuitive tarot reader and elemental
reader. You might ask what elemental readings are, let me explain - they have been
used for almost 2,500 years, using dice to represent the elements of nature – air,
fire, water, earth and add sun and moon I can connect with Spirit and or Guides to
provide a psychic or mediumship reading. I have always had a close connection to
nature and animals and know that is why I was led to add this type of reading.
Whichever kind of reading you are needing - psychic or mediumship I provide it
with light and love helping to provide you with the connection you are seeking.
Email –
Phone – 315-338-3121
Facebook - LindaJpsychicmedium
I also am the founder of the Spiritual Oasis Universal Learning Center, (SOUL
Center). We offer educational and inspirational classes and talks on a variety of
topics related to Mind, Body and Spirit. Like us on Facebook at


Hi friends! Psychic Medium Rev. Sandy Streun will be providing messages from spirit for the highest and greatest good. 


Being a Medium is not just what I do, it is who I am. My connection with the Divine is a gift that fills me with joy. My path has always been to help people. 


I have had extensive training and continue to train with highly regarded mediums and metaphysical practitioners. Knowledge is power and each class increases my base to enable me to assist you. I am a certified Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, level two Reiki practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Healer and Oracle card reader with practical Tarot, Moonology, and Astrology knowledge in my arsenal of experience. 


My readings may include messages from your departed loved ones as well as Angels, guides and the universal collective of Spirit, Ascended Masters,God, Goddess, All That Is. Messages are delivered with compassionate support to help you live your best life.


Rooted Journey

Rooted Journey was founded by Kayla Eisenhut, who is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Nurse Health Coach. Her mission is to provide support and empower clients in finding their optimal health and wellness, through natural & organic health modalities.  When the body is understood, listened to and in balance, great healing occurs.

Offering free discovery session in-person or virtually.  


Phone: 315-404-5362


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