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Judy Lynn
International Evidential Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor


My Office at 5 East Main St. 


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Judy's Psychic, Soul to Soul and Mediumship readings will give you clarity in your life regarding issues of the heart, career, finances, healing, closure and more, giving you reassurance in your decisions and focus on your future plans.  In addition to that her readings will help you better understand your life's purpose and  where and what you should put your intentions into.

Judy is an International Evidential Psychic & Medium. She offers 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hr readings either by Zoom,  phone, or in person at 15 East Main Street, Earlville NY.  She also offers email questions, house Blessings, home parties, Psychic and Mediumship classes, corporate events, etc. You can reach Judy via email, Facebook or by phone 1-607-316-3260.  Her current events are also listed on her FaceBook  Judy Lynn Spirit Communicator.

Judy is an authorized Psychic Medium and Certified Healer for the Institute of Spiritual Development and is one of the founding members there. She is also a member of the Spiritualist National Union International and studied and trained in Lily Dale NY.

You can call, email or message Judy Lynn for an appointment or for a free consultation to discuss her Mentorship program or classes. Although Judy's schedule is booked well in advance, she makes time for her clients and students and will work with you to find the best time for your appointment.


She does the In-person readings in her office at 5 East Main Street in Earlville, NY.  Tuesday through Saturday, by appointments. Starting in May Judy will be offering Garden readings in her garden shed. These appointments go fast so book one soon.  When booking please mention where you prefer the reading held. She also provides readings on Zoom or over the phone for you convenience. 


If your interested in knowing what's next for you in Love, Career, Health, Money or Life's purpose or would like to communicate with a loved one in spirit, or would enjoy communicating with your loved ones who have passed,  please consider booking your appointment today. 

She knows that those in spirit are waiting to connect with you just as much as you are with them. So send a message or call now to book your in person, phone or zoom session soon.

With Love and Light and many Blessings she looks forward to hearing from you.

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Areas of interest:

Psychic Readings


Mediumship Readings


Corporate and Private Home Gatherings.


Spiritual Advisor and finding your life purpose and understanding your journey.


Gallery and Platform Events.  Psychic Dinners and Retreats.


Workshop and Classes