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Judy Lynn was born and raised in a small town in New York State.  She is highly Intuitive and likes to connect with her clients by blending her mediumship and psychic abilities, given them a full experience.   She remembers seeing energies as a child and knowing things about people and events before they happened. Judy recalls never feeling alone as a child and came to understand that is because she wasn't totally alone.

As a child she would have conversations that she believed were merely in her imagination, but now she is aware they were more than that.  Judy Lynn grew up in an environment that was not supportive of growing her abilities or discussing them. so, she learned to keep them to herself.  Although she didn't pursue the metaphysical and spiritual world until her teens and early 20's, it was in her 30's where interest turned to education, and she seriously started on her spiritual journey.

Judy experiences and utilizes all of her Clairs in communicating with the spirit world and with you.  And looks forward to connecting with you and your loved ones.

Judy Lynn is an Evidential Medium, Psychic, Energy Healer and Spiritual Advisor. Judy is the Co- founder and Education Director at the Spiritual Oasis universal Leaning Center ( S.O.U.L Center ) which has a strong global presence. She is a founding member of the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY   and an Authorized Psychic Medium, Certified Healer, and Teacher. Judy has also studied and trained in Lily Dale NY with many amazing Teachers.  She is also a member of the Spiritualist National Union where she continues her growth and development. She is always continuing to expand her abilities and knowledge by studying under world renowned tutors and mentors.  Her readings will offer you a lighthearted & organic approach to the spirit world and on a Soul to Soul level. You will gain understanding and messages that will bring you strength and healing through her connections.


She is also an Ordained Minister and enjoys forever joining two people in Light and Love.

You can contact Judy on Facebook at Judy Lynn Spirit Communicator or email her at and by phone 607-316-3260.

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